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Adopt our 4 tips to stop losing your hair in the face of stress

The condition of our hair is often a reflection of our physical and mental health. It also happens that we lose them when we are stressed. But how do you fight stress-related hair loss? There are solutions. Explanations.

Want to find serenity?

Stress is the body’s physiological response to an emergency situation . But it also happens that this stress is too violent or recurrent and that the body reacts in an excessive or inappropriate way . The psychological consequences may be different from one person to another and range from chronic stress to burnout through the insomnia or depression.

But stress also has physical repercussions. Hair loss is one of them.

What is the connection between stress and hair loss?

It happens that we lose our hair at certain times of our existence without our organism being really disturbed . This phenomenon can be due to a change of season , temporary fatigue , a lack of minerals or vitamins , a nutritional imbalance, the onset of menopause … But you can also lose your hair because of trauma, an emotional shock, a death in close circle, a divorce‚Ķ or a recurring stress.

Because stress causes a series of chemical and hormonal reactions whose purpose is to help us “survive” in the event of imminent danger. So when a stressful situation arises, the brain transmits information to the pituitary gland which, in turn, sends information to the adrenal glands. These then release a discharge of hormones: adrenaline, cortisol and adrenal androgens. This secretion of androgens causes hair follicles and blood vessels to retract, making hair thin and vulnerable . Results ? They fall. And in people whose scalp is particularly receptive to these androgens,stress will have negative repercussions on hair regrowth and physiological renewal. Clearly, the more we are stressed and sensitive to androgens, the more we have a predisposition to lose our hair … and the more it stresses us! It is then a real vicious circle that sets in without our knowledge.

The stress you are under leaves marks on your hair . Healthy hair is nourished by keratin, a natural fibrous protein that protects it from UV rays, sea water and other aggressive agents. Hair undergoing chronic stress loses some or all of its keratin and becomes brittle to the point of breaking.

Emotional stress can also cause alopecia areata, an inflammatory disease that affects genetically predisposed individuals . Alopecia areata is usually manifested by a loss of very limited “patches” of hair, in certain areas of the skull or in its entirety. This condition is reversible and can be effectively treated with cortisone. However, stress being an aggravating factor for alopecia areata, it is essential to look at the origin of this stress to limit this particularly traumatic hair condition.

Four tips for combating stress-related hair loss

Modify your eating behavior to de-stress and stop your hair loss

Eating well means healthy nourishment for your body and therefore… your hair ! Itis also acting on your stress and alleviating your anxiety.

So, stock up on vitamins, trace elements , minerals and omega-3s by consuming fruits and vegetables , oily fish, poultry, eggs and oilseeds. The goal ? Strengthen your immune defenses, limit oxidative stress (a deleterious mechanism on the oxygenation of our cells), and treat your scalp. In addition, it is proven that eating well promotes the regrowth of stronger, shinier and therefore more beautiful hair.

Another useful supplement for healthy hair growth that you can absorb through food is probiotics. Check out the infographic below to see what probiotics can do for your hair growth!

follicular unit extraction procedure

Infographic provided by MAXIM Hair Restoration, a follicular unit extraction procedure clinic

1. Are you losing your hair because of stress? Treat yourself to scalp massages

Another useful supplement for healthy hair growth that you can absorb through food is probiotics. Check out the infographic below to see what probiotics can do for your hair growth!

Is your hair tired and your morale low? Do not panic. Nothing like a scalp massage to relax you, activate local circulation, eliminate waste that suffocates your roots and put a smile on your pretty curls. But here no question of manhandling them:

2. Brush your hair first to air it out.

Then shampoo and gently massage the scalp for a few minutes, making small rotations with your fingertips.

The right reflex? Start at the back of the neck and gradually work your way up to the forehead and temples.

A place without moderation r etrouver healthy and toned hair. The little extra? The organic “anti-hair loss” ampoule that you conscientiously apply all over the hair before drying.

3. Post-traumatic hair loss? Relax

Are you grieving the loss of a loved one and losing your hair in handfuls ? Learn to relax. Relaxation is a great way to fight stress , the trigger for your hair loss. But to relax is also to let go of your suffering. A cousin of yoga and meditation, relaxation allows the body to be regenerated and the mind to calm down. It can give you that breath of fresh air that you are lacking and helps you let go. During a relaxation session, you release your muscles and you learn to breathe freely, calmly and without constraint. For real efficiency, it is necessary to devote several minutes a day to it, because it is thanks to aregular workout that you will get to relax and gradually decrease your hair loss.

4. Behavioral and cognitive therapy: an effective solution to combat your stress

Hair loss , insomnia , irritability, lack of concentration, constant fatigue, the symptoms of stress are numerous and require rapid and effective management.

You can benefit from reimbursement from your mutual health insurance for this program. Find out how!

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