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How long does a hair transplant take?

How long does a hair transplant last is quite an interesting question. If you search on the internet, you will find quite diffuse information. There are doctors who say that it lasts 25 years, others that it lasts a lifetime, others that it lasts between 25 and 30 years. The reality is that it is not known how long a hair transplant lasts from Rejuvence Clinic, it depends on the person.

In this case, we are going to try to answer this question by yielding data that can be much more accurate. It all depends on where that hair is extracted, from the donor area.

 But, at the moment, there are no studies or a concrete answer. Because each person is different.

 To this day, there is not a single doctor who can tell you that a hair is going to last until you are 50 or 55 years old. You cannot know how long that hair will last. We cannot specify how long a hair transplant lasts, because it is not known. Speaking in terms of its lifespan, of course.

There are people who have been operated on since the issue of hair transplantation began, about 25 years ago, and they still have their transplant, it has lasted those 20 years. In this case, with the fuss technique.

How long does a hair implant last?

However, there are also cases of people who have lost that hair. Some at 15 years old. And others, 20 years after their hair transplant, still have it, because it depends a lot on where that hair is extracted.

As you already know, to do a hair transplant an extraction is made of a certain area, normally, it is usually from the back of the head. But now we also have the bht technique.

Depending on where that hair is, it’s going to last. In this case, we are going to clarify the different types of hair that we are going to find in an operation.

Let’s give an example, if you undergo a third hair transplant , in the operation, since you already have the donor area with a decrease in density , because you already have two interventions, they would extract the highest part of the crown, an area that may be perfectly affected by the fall. From there, the extraction of a hair that is affected by the fall would be carried out.

The moment you stop taking anti-hair loss treatments, that hair will continue to fall out. That is, do not trust what they always say that transplanted hair does not need medication, because there are patterns of alopecia that always need medication. For example, diffuse alopecia, or areas that are at risk of falling, such as areas above the ear, the neck area, the upper crown area … All these areas have hairs that can be prone to falling out.

At this point, what you have to do, always, is follow the guidelines of your doctor. And take a good anti- hair loss treatment when this hair can fall out. Because, if you have alopecia and you don’t treat it, it can fall in two months, it can fall in ten, it can fall in two years … If you have already transplanted hair affected by the fall, that hair, sooner or later, will go away fall. And, surely, it is sooner rather than late

How long does a hair transplant take?

We are not going to forget the great ally of our hair transplant, the hair of the native area. Those who have hair in the native area are also in danger of losing it if they do not take an anti-hair loss treatment.

But, as you already know, you cannot establish time protocols for the fall. You can lose a hair in two years, in ten, you can stop the fall and start falling five years later. At the moment, it cannot be foreseen.

However, the hair that is most often extracted in an operation is the hair from the donor area, which is not affected by the loss. In this case, the duration of the transplanted hair will be the one that has its useful life. That is, if it is 25 years, it will last 3 years. That hair will surely never fall out of the donor area.

The problem is that there are no time studies, there are no people who have had their transplant done for 50 years, there are no protocols to know how the evolution of a transplanted hair may be over time, because you cannot know, you do not know can measure, because each person is different. There are people who have very early evolutions after the operation, and others have a later evolution, even having surgery with the same doctor. There are so many things, so many unknown factors, that, to this day, it is not possible to know how long a hair transplant lasts.

Now we are going to talk about the buttechnique. It is a technique in which follicles from other parts of the body are used, as a general rule it is usually from the beard or the chest.

Something that many people think is that when the hair is changed the structure of this hair is modified and this is not the case, the hair that is extracted only changes its location. But, it continues to have the same structure, its same growth, its same color; it is still the same hair only that it is in a different part.

This you have to be clear about, if, for example, the beard hair that is extracted, or that of the donor area, has to turn white within three years or six months, as it will turn white in the receiving area , just like I would before.

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