Top Tips and Strategies for Preventing Depression and Relapse

Depression is common among people. Unfortunately, this condition is life-altering, affecting happiness and quality of life for those who have it. In some cases, depression comes from things you cannot control, like genes, environment, and chemicals in the brain. However, that does not mean depression is uncontrollable. There are numerous lifestyle changes and stress-coping skills […]

You Have Successfully Completed Couple’s Counseling – Now What?

You and your spouse have at last completed your final couple’s counseling session. You have worked with your therapist for about six months. You have learned a lot about yourselves to the degree that you think you are ready to continue without the therapist’s help. Great. Now what? Relationships & More is a counseling clinic […]

Tips to Find Relief When Suffering From Mental Disorders

Professional treatment can make a significant difference when it comes to mental health issues. Even if a disorder is generally considered a lifelong illness, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, for example, treatment can help you learn to reduce and manage the symptoms so that you can live life as fully as possible. Finding relief, […]

Managing the bereavement of your mother or father

The five stages of mourning In “On Grief and Grieving,” a book I co-authored with Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, MD, she and I discuss how these steps have evolved since their introduction and how they have been greatly misunderstood over the past decades. People mistakenly think that they will put messy emotions in neat packages. But the […]