What is the role of a beautician?

You are a unique individual, who has his own strengths, his own expertise. In your field, you are unbeatable! But on a daily basis, you must be able to count on the know-how of other specialists to meet some of your needs. This is why you trust your mechanic for the maintenance of your vehicle, your family doctor for adequate health care, your hairdresser for a little update of your look … and your beautician for you. feel good in your body and your skin! Indeed, an esthetician can do a lot for you. Let ‘s demystify the role of the esthetician here , and the various ways she can help you take care of your body.


From the outset, it is important to address prejudices related to aesthetics; after all, this area of ​​expertise goes well beyond the simple question of makeup! The word aesthetic is derived from the Greek aisthesis , which means “beauty / sensation”. Aesthetics is therefore the science of beauty and well-being. It is also all the treatments and technologies that aim to increase your well-being while improving your appearance. These treatments are provided on the entire body, in both men and women.

Aesthetics meet the needs of people who seek to combat various skin problems, to eliminate their cellulite or to fight against the effects of aging. It also helps those who wish to refine their figure, obtain permanent hair removal treatments and more!


A true professional in the field of aesthetics, your esthetician specializes in technologies offered in clinics to help you meet your challenges and achieve your goals. To be at the top, she will have to acquire all the necessary knowledge and master the technology behind the devices she uses on a daily basis!

Esthetic expertise and training

At the Option Dermasanté aesthetic clinic in Sherbrooke, the team of beauticians specializes in Velashape technology for cellulite and in LightSheer Duet for permanent laser hair removal . She also specializes in pulsed light, used to correct multiple skin abnormalities. The Sherbrooke team has also developed expertise in various skin care products with EndyMed 3 Deep technology. These specializations therefore lead your esthetician to invest in a continuing education process.

In addition to keeping abreast of new technologies, she must know the range of different products offered by her beauty clinic, but also all the ranges sold in the region in order to properly advise her clients. She must understand the benefits of each product, as well as the benefits they can bring on all skin types.

The different treatments provided by your beautician

The beautician is a professional of your body and your skin. She will listen to you in order to clarify the reason for your visit, and help you define your objectives. Whether it is to reduce the appearance of your pores, to get rid of your acne on your face, to refine the skin of your feet or to pluck your eyebrows permanently, she can offer you several solutions and help you choose the one that is right for you. will work best for you, considering the period of time allotted to achieving your goals.


Your beautician’s mandate is clear: take charge of your beauty! During your first visit, she will do an assessment of your skin, hair or body. This free evaluation will serve as a reference for all future treatments. Your beautician will carefully establish a treatment prescription that respects your habits as well as a schedule of treatments to be carried out, so that you obtain the results you want!

Do you have a question about your appearance or your well-being? Need more information on skin care? Ask one of our beauticians for advice! She will be able to help you with everything related to your beauty, from head to toe! To assess your skin type, take advantage of our free consultation.

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