Simple Exercises I can Do At Home

What Are Some Simple Exercises I can Do At Home?

For most of us, keeping fit involves maintaining a gym membership that we use frequently, dieting at home and making sure we maintain a healthy relationship with our body and mind. However, for the rest of us, the thought of going to the gym can be slightly daunting. And for another percentage of the population, sometimes we just don’t care about how we look- but we take part in exercise as a way to keep fit and active, or for social purposes. Going to the gym as a beginner can be quite overwhelming, and if you’re nervous, then you are less likely to going to want to stand in a gym full of fitness-savvy people. Additionally, gym memberships are so expensive these days, that it can be impossible to afford one alongside the rising cost of everyday living. Therefore, some of us want to keep fit at home, but the question is where do we start? If you don’t have access to high end gym equipment, this can sometimes leave us feeling a little lost. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips on what some simple exercises you can do at home are…before you join a gym.

What Is Functional Exercise?

Functional exercise is basically your daily routine being able to incorporate exercise. It doesn’t involve a gym membership, or targeting specific areas of the body, its literally a way for you to increase stamina, flexibility and strength throughout everyday life. It’s a great way to involve everyone of all ages and body types, and the benefits are visible in everyday life.

What Are Some Important Things to Note:

Its always important to warm up and cool down. If you go straight into a work out, this can sometimes be alarming for your body- and you could end up doing serious damage to yourself too. Therefore, do some light stretching, or jogging if you wish, as a way to get your body ready for the action its going to undertake.

Its also vital that you know your limits when you are working out. You don’t want to hurt yourself by taking on too much and straining yourself. Each person is different, but its important to understand your own body and how the exercise is supposed to make you feel stronger each day…not leave you feeling torn and sore the next morning.

What Are Some Exercises to Try?

You may be familiar with the types of exercises that fall under functional fitness. Things such as:

Squats- which will work your legs, glutes and stomach.

Planks- if you’re looking to improve your core.

Planks- for you’re core. 

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