N95, KN95 or KF94: Tips to Shop For Medical Masks

The world woke up to the first reported case of Covid-19 in December 2019 from Wuhan, China. Most experts believe that the SARS-Cov 2 originated in bats and jumped to humans at Wuhan’s open-air wet markets. The virus reached inside and outside China, infecting people who had no direct contact with animals. The disease was thought to be spread as aerosols acknowledged by WHO many months later. Investigations suggest that the transmission occurs between two infected people through large and small droplets called aerosols when they cough or breath. It took the world some time to understand the relevance and importance of masks in cutting down transmission. That is also the time we started looking for an N95 mask online.

Here is a look at the various kinds of masks that are available in the market:

Medical masks:

Surgical masks are loose-fitting masks and must be disposed of after use. Medical masks filter out large particles as the person wearing them breathes in. A medical mask can be made to fit the face better by knotting the loops attached to the mask. Follow this with folding and tucking the material hanging out under the edges, making the mask seal the face completely. Scientists say that if an infected person is not wearing a mask and an uninfected person has a surgical mask on, it takes 30 minutes for the transmission of the virus. These masks, when worn in pairs, are ideal, especially for people suffering from COPD, asthma, or breathing issues and who cannot wear an N 95.

N 95 mask:

The best bet against the corona virus is an N 95 mask. As opposed to the initial days of the pandemic, they are more readily available in online and offline stores.

It offers the highest levels of protection as it filters out both large and small particles as the wearer inhales. They meet the US quality standards and the common people can use them. However, N 95 masks must be disposed of after a few uses. Some manufacturers advise exposing them to sunlight to disinfect them, after which they can be reused again. Some N 95 masks had valves to make breathing easier, but unfortunately, they don’t filter the wearer’s air. Experts have observed that if an infected and uninfected individual is wearing an N 95 mask, it takes 25 hours to transmit the virus.

KN 95 mask:

A KN 95 mask meets some international standards and is better than a surgical mask. It is designed to filter both large and small particles as the wearer inhales air. It is a better choice than surgical masks and must be carefully chosen as many fakes have flooded the market.

Cloth mask:

Cloth masks made of multiple layers of tightly-woven fabric like cotton act as a barrier to protect the wearer from inhaling droplets which are released by others. To make it more effective, use it with a surgical mask so that there are multiple layers to protect the wearer from inhaling infected droplets.

The best investments are N 95 or KN 95 masks with bendable nose strips that keep air from leaking from the mask’s top part. A good mask should snuggle the nose, mouth and chin and must have no gaps between the mask and the face. Try and feel the warm air entering from the front of the mask when you exhale. You shouldn’t feel the air entering from the sides or under the edges of the mask. If you wear more than one mask, do not add layers that make breathing difficult. It would help if you did not use a surgical or cloth mask with an N 95 or KN 95 mask. Order your N 95 or KN 95 masks from Healthskool Pharmacy is your one-stop shop for ordering masks or immunity booster online.