Loved One Who Is an Addict

Knowing When to Let Go of a Loved One Who Is an Addict

Having a loved one who is an addict is one of the most difficult things that most people have to deal with in their lifetime. Love for someone with a drug or alcohol addiction is very challenging, regardless of whether it’s a romantic connection, a family member, or someone else in your life. While you may do your best to assist them, you may also have to learn how to letting go of an addict you care about at some time.

Loving an Addict: A Personal Narrative

Everyone’s experience with loving an addict is unique, yet there are certain universal truths that most people agree on.

To begin, if you are in a relationship with an addict, you must accept that their addiction comes first, and that includes your relationship with them. To feel as though the addict they care about is solely concerned with drugs or alcohol may be hurtful, and, understandably, people take it personally. However, a drug or alcohol addict’s brain is pushing them to prioritize the substance above everything else.

There is nothing you can do to influence an addict’s desire to continue using, no matter what they pledge or say.

It is also common for addicts to deceive their loved ones to get more drugs or alcohol. When it’s to their advantage, they may be charming and deceptive, and as the loved one of an addict, you must recognize this for what it is: deception.

How to Let Go of a Loved One Who Is an Addict

You may have to let go of a loved one who is an addict at some time in your life. Many times this occurs as a result of an individual’s refusal to seek treatment or their persistent drug use despite your efforts to establish boundaries and enforce penalties

Learning how to let go of a loved one who is an alcoholic or drug addict is not an easy task.

There are actions you may do after you have determined it is time to let go of an addict you care about.

To begin, you must physically and emotionally remove yourself from the situation. It’s critical to have a solid support system in place at this period because you’ll need it. When a loved one of an addict is an addict, it is common for them to join a support group for other addicts. To be able to achieve that, you’ll be able to see that you’re not the only one going through this. During this time, you should also make a list of the things you need to alter to let go of a loved one who is an addict.

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