CBD oil

How do you make CBD Oil? New Technologies

You have probably seen CBD oil if you’ve been searching for legal cannabis. It has many benefits and advantages. CBD oil can be used to treat certain diseases, stress relief, and muscle pains. It also has many other benefits for relaxation and health.

CBD oils

The cannabis plant has many molecules and different properties. The molecules are found on the flowers in their natural state. However, they can be extracted to extract a portion of them. It is possible to extract only one active ingredient or to change the mode of use. This process results in a product containing high levels of cannabinoids. We dilute them with CBD oil.

How do you extract CBD Oil with solvents?


Start by filling your extraction tube with the CBD cannabis plants and flowers. It is not necessary to make your CBD cannabis plant and flowers into a powder. This will reduce the oil’s quality. For a pure oil result, we will accept a coarse crumbling.

The tube will be filled as homogeneously as possible to allow butane to penetrate all of the material. Active ingredients can be loaded in the tube in the meantime. To slow down the progress of butane, you can tamper with your material without being too dramatic.

It is best to add very little material, tap on the tube, and then fill with slight pressure. This will ensure a uniform and perfect result.

Place the tube filled with gas bottles in the freezer for 24 hours. This step is optional but will optimize your final output.

Step 2

Now it is time for the actual extraction. You will need to place the Pyrex dish just a few cm below the tube’s exit. The tip of your gas bottle can be placed into the tube’s inlet. The butane gas will then cross the plant material and come out the other end in the Pyrex dish. This Pyrex dish will be charged with active or aromatic elements.

Don’t be surprised at the latency that occurs between injecting the gas and when it comes out the other end of the extraction tube. The gas must rise in temperature so it can do its job. Do not remove the bottle immediately after it has been empty to avoid releasing pressure. Wait until the tube stops dripping to either change the bottle or stop the extraction.

Your Pyrex dish will contain a mixture liquid butane, active and aromatic elements. You may notice a boiling gas at the bottom of your Pyrex dish, depending on the temperature.

Step 3

The bain-marie is used to accelerate the evaporation process and to refine our oil. To heat some water, you will need to place the Pyrex dish in another dish that can hold it. You will need to make sure that the mixture does not get into the Pyrex dish.

When your oil stops producing small bubbles it means that most of the butane has been eliminated.

You can purge cannabis oil using hot plates and vacuum bells. These systems remove as much butane residues as possible from the oil. These accessories are not necessary if you only use cannabis oil occasionally. However, if you make frequent extractions of cannabis oil, I recommend that you invest in these accessories to protect the quality and your health.

Now you have high-quality cannabis oil. You should test the strength of the product in small amounts. Its concentration could surprise you.

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