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Here Are Some Great Exercises That Will Keep You Fit in Your Plunge Pool

A plunge pool can be a great addition to your backyard. Plunge pools tend to be perfect for people who are looking for a little mix of various things. You can relax and spend leisure time in your plunge pool, or you can exercise in it as well.

If you have a plunge pool installed in your backyard, then you’ll have a great way to stay healthy and fit, all without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Consider how there are various exercises for the water designed to help burn fat, as well as strengthen muscles. And while you’re exercising in your plunge pool, you’ll be having a lot of fun as well. The only thing you need is a solid routine that will help you make sure that your exercises are helping you reach your goal.

What are the benefits of exercising in your plunge pool?

It’s possible for you to exercise in a pool of any size. When it comes to pools that are perfect for working out, plunge pools definitely make it to the list. Since they are smaller in size, it’s also less expensive to heat a plunge pool. They get heated faster as well. If you think about adding a pool cover to your plunge pool, then you’ll be able to exercise in it at any time of the year.

Plunge pools are great additions to your home since you can enjoy leisure time in it, as well as exercising. There are various benefits associated with water-based exercises as well. If you have sports injuries, then you can really benefit from water-based exercises. People with joint pain, and those who have issues with their balance, can benefit from using plunge pools as well. Even pregnant women can reap the benefits of using a plunge pool.

Water-based exercises for the plunge pool are designed to be low impact, as well as high resistance. They can be tailored to meet the needs of people at different fitness levels. You can enjoy a fantastic cardio workout in your plunge pool, and it’s great for strength training as well. There are also several benefits associated with mental health as well, by spending time in the water. Oh, and when it comes to plunge pools, you don’t have to worry about swimming laps. But remember that once you’re done using your plunge pool, you should put the pool cover back on. This helps in maintaining the temperature of the water.

While it isn’t possible for you to exercise by swimming laps in your plunge pool, you can still practice many cardio exercises in it. People of all age groups can use a plunge pool to practice water aerobics in, as well. When you exercise in water, the major muscle groups in your body are activated. At the same time, your body is also able to build up good cardiovascular endurance. Plunge pools tend to have low impact exercises. Despite this, such exercises can be high intensity as well. This is as the water is responsible for providing a degree of physical resistance as you exercise. This makes you push the muscles in your body a little bit harder when you exercise.

Exercises for your plunge pool

The exercises you can do in your plunge pool are great everyday workouts. You’ll be able to improve your fitness levels, as well as tone your muscles more. You can achieve all this without burning yourself out.

Water jogging

Also known as water walking, to do this exercise, the first thing you need to do is easily plunge into your plunge pool. Start by taking a few steps in the forward direction, followed by a few steps in the backward direction. If you want to make the exercise more difficult for you, consider increasing the speed, as well as intensity. Do this until you’re in a position where you’re basically jogging while standing in place.

Then, go back to walking, and then start jogging as well, each for thirty seconds, on an alternating basis. Do this for five minutes.

Water aerobics with a ball

Water aerobics can be perfect if you’re looking to reduce your weight. You can burn a lot of calories, as well as practice resistance training. This is especially true should you choose to incorporate a ball into your routine.

An example of an exercise you can do is to first hold the ball out in front of your chest. Now balance on one of your legs for a period of thirty seconds. After this, return to your normal position. Now raise the other leg up and balance yourself in your plunge pool for another thirty seconds. Do this exercise for a period of five minutes, alternating between legs.

Using pool noodles to exercise with

There are some exercises you can do with pool noodles that can help you engage your core, as well as the area around your shoulders. Hold the pool noodle in front of you, and then push down on the noodle till it reaches the area near your legs. Now allow the pool noodle to rise, and then push down on it again. Do this for a few repetitions in order to build your core.

Another exercise using a pool noodle is by putting the noodle in the area under your armpits. Now move it to the area that’s on your upper back, all the while practising crunches. Your legs should be straight as you do this exercise, and then you should pull them in towards your chest area as you do your crunches. You can do around twenty repetitions of this exercise, or you can practice until you feel as if you’re fatigued.

Circling your arms

To do this exercise, you’ll need to first submerge yourself in your plunge pool till only your neck is sticking out of the water. Now raise both your arms out on either side until they are at shoulder level. Now start rotating your arms in a forward direction. Do this at a moderate speed, for around twenty repetitions. Now start rotating your hands in a backward direction. You can do this for twenty repetitions as well.

Adding weights to your exercise routine

If you really want to add spice to your workout routine, then you should consider investing in proper equipment. There are various kinds of water weights available that you can use while exercising in your swimming pool newcastle. You can also get equipment that adds resistance, such as wrist weights, ankle or leg weights, foam dumbbells, resistance gloves, kickboards, and other equipment.


Use this guide to start exercising in your plunge pool today!

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