Dry Skin

6 Easy Home Remedies To Heal And Rejuvenate Dry Skin

30-Second Summary

Dry skin can be the result of various factors, such as a dry climate, harsh soaps, hard water, and even some medications.

Severe dryness can leave your skin inflamed, flakey, and itchy.

To combat these symptoms, you can try nourishing home remedies that moisturize the skin and gently exfoliate away the flakiness.

Ingredients like olive oil, honey, yogurt, oatmeal, and aloe vera are excellent for dry skin because they calm the skin and hydrate it.

You can use these ingredients to prepare face scrubs, body packs, and bath remedies for dry skin.

Apart from these tips, you can also use over-the-counter products with nourishing oils and gentle exfoliants that heal and brighten dry skin.

Introduction – The Reasons Behind Extremely Dry Skin

Dry and flakey skin is a sign of low moisture levels in your skin. It can cause redness, irritation, and general discomfort on your face and body. The reasons behind extremely dry skin can be many. The top culprits are often harsh soaps, hard water, and drying skin treatments like Retinol. Furthermore, a cold and dry climate, aging, acne medications, and certain skin conditions like eczema can be the reason for severely dry skin.

Some people may also be genetically predisposed to have dry skin. It can further get aggravated by over-washing and harsh skincare ingredients like fragrance and alcohol. To combat extreme dryness, you need to practice mindfulness for healthy skin. Here are some effective home remedies you can try to repair dry skin.

6 Simple Home Remedies To Repair Your Dry Skin 

1. Switch To Gentle Baths –Hot water, harsh soaps, and heavily fragranced bath products can aggravate dryness and skin irritation. Those with dry skin should switch to gentler bath products and use cold or tepid water in their skincare regimen. Avoid cleansers with harsh surfactants like SLS and switch to soaps with a milder lather. Also, avoid long baths as too much water contact can damage your skin. If your locality receives hard water, then use filtered or drinking water to wash your face instead to minimize dryness.

2. Aloe Sleeping Mask –According to studies, aloe vera offers moisturizing and anti-aging benefits to the skin. Plus, it has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe irritated skin. An aloe sleeping mask can hydrate, soften, and calm your skin overnight. Before going to bed, apply a thick layer of aloe vera gel on your face. You can also mix a few drops of your favorite face oil in the gel for added nourishment.

Leave this mask on your skin overnight. You will wake up to supple and radiant skin the next day. You can apply this mask all over your body too!

3. Honey And Olive Oil Pack –A homemade face and bodypack is a nourishing recipe to include in mindfulness for healthy skin. For this moisturizing home remedy, mix equal parts of raw honey and olive oil in a bowl. Apply this mixture to all the dry areas of your body and face. After 20 minutes, wash your skin with tepid water to remove the pack. The olive oil will moisturize your skin and the honey will soothe inflammation and remove dullness. Using this pack a few times a week will reduce dryness, flakiness, and redness.

4. Oatmeal Scrub –Studies have proven the anti-inflammatory benefits of oatmeal for dry, irritated, and itchy skin. You can use this ingredient to prepare a soothing bath or a calming face scrub. To make your oatmeal face scrub, mix a spoon of oatmeal with honey and milk to form a paste. Massage the paste on your face for a few minutes, then rinse it off with warm water. For a calming oatmeal bath, mix powdered oatmeal in your bath water and soak in this water for a few minutes. These remedies will calm redness and irritation on dry skin within minutes.

5. Put Oils On Damp Skin –The best way to boost your skincare regimen to tackle dryness is to use moisturizers wisely. Oils or lotions perform the best when they are applied to damp skin. This is because they seal the water on your skin, keeping it hydrated for hours. So, if you are dealing with dry skin, apply a nourishing oil like argan oil or olive oil on damp skin after taking a bath. Your skin will become supple and radiant within days with this simple skincare trick.

6. Yogurt Scrub –Yogurt is an excellent ingredient for dry skin because it is soothing and removes flakiness through gentle exfoliation. Mix it with honey for its anti-inflammatory properties and apply it to all the dry areas of your skin. You can add powdered sugar to the mixture for more exfoliation. Massage the paste on your skin in gentle circular motions and then rinse it off with water. Apply a moisturizer after this ritual for plump and hydrated skin.

How To Choose The Right Skincare Products For Dry Skin?

Apart from home remedies for dry skin, targeted over-the-counter skincare products can also help with dryness. You must select products that contain moisturizing and anti-inflammatory ingredients along with gentle exfoliants. This combination of ingredients will nourish and repair your dry skin while removing dullness and flakiness.

Naked and Thriving offers a range of skincare products with ingredients that are ideal for dry skin. Some of the star ingredients used by the brand are argan oil, rosehip oil, carrot seeds, and glycolic acid. Their products may reduce the symptoms of dry skin by nourishing and brightening the skin.


Dry skin can be a result of aging, harsh skincare products, and lifestyle factors. This condition can lead to irritation, sensitivity, flaking, and an unpleasant skin texture. To combat the symptoms of dry skin, you must enhance your skincare routine by using effective home remedies and over-the-counter products.

The use of nourishing oils, gentle exfoliants, and calming ingredients as home remedies may improve the health of your skin. Also, skincare brands like Naked and Thriving offer moisturizing and brightening products that may improve your skin. The focus of your skincare routine should be on such gentle and nourishing ingredients. Using them consistently is equally crucial as it takes time for the skin to heal.

Once you are gentle, consistent, and patient with your skincare routine, these effective remedies can help you tackle severe dryness. So, try these tips today and gear up for plump and moisturized skin!

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