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A Comprehensive Insurance Guide – Everything You Should Know

Just like the best health insurance in India, it is equally important to acquire travel insurance too. And whenever it comes to planning any trip to any destination, travel insurance is regarded to be of primary importance.

But before we dig deep into the travel insurance guide, let’s have a quick recap on health insurance.

If you have been planning for insurance for your family, you must know “what is health insurance.” While this policy gives you financial aid in times of need, travel insurance does the same too. It is just that the background of coverage is significantly different.

In the case of a health insurance policy, you can receive payouts only after getting admitted to a hospital. This means you are required to submit your hospital bills, and your policy will be reimbursed.

And if you are someone who hasn’t acquired health insurance plans yet, it is high time you do so. This will efficiently help you in providing financial aid in times of trouble. Also, it will help you save your loved ones by acquiring the best treatment.

Let us now quickly move to our travel insurance guide so that nothing goes wrong in your well-planned vacation. Let’s get rolling

Travel Insurance Plan – What is it?

In the worst-case scenario, you might sometimes suffer significant financial losses while traveling. But with the best travel insurance policy, you can easily cover any troublesome situation or financial losses. It efficiently helps in covering you for the entire duration of your trip. Also, it provides you with aid whenever you face financial emergencies during your trip.

Here is a comprehensive listing of all the types of travel insurance policies available in India for your safe travel:

Domestic Travel Insurance Plans

Unlike international travel insurance plans, domestic plans only cover trips taken within India itself. So, whenever you travel within India, you can use your insurance plan to cover all your travel risks efficiently.

International Travel Insurance Plans

This travel insurance plan covers all the trips of the insured taken abroad. Further, it can also be subdivided into countries where it provides its coverage.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plans

This travel insurance plan is significantly meant for covering senior citizens whenever they go on a trip. It is applicable for those individuals who are aged 60 years and above.

Student Travel Insurance Plans

This insurance plan helps in providing coverage to those students who travel abroad for higher education. It comprises certain coverage benefits for all the traveling students.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plans

It provides coverage for those who take multiple trips across the year. And if you are a frequent traveler, then this travel insurance plan is an ideal choice. It is because it will cover all the trips you take within a single year.

Single Trip Travel Insurance Plans

If you are an extensive-time solo traveler, purchasing single-trip travel insurance is of greater convenience. Also, it will efficiently help you in saving lots of revenue.

Group Travel Insurance Plans

This travel insurance plan is appropriate for those companies whose employees frequently travel, especially for business purposes. Moreover, this is highly beneficial for tour operators who take people on package trips.

Individual Travel Insurance Plans

People traveling solo can efficiently avail a single or individual travel insurance plan.

What Does a Travel Insurance Plan Cover?

While various travel insurance plans are available in the market, the coverage benefits are also quite different. However, almost all of them comprise the standard coverage benefits, which include:

  • Daily benefits of hospitalization
  • Cashless coverage of hospitalization expenses
  • New-born and maternity coverage
  • Coverage of medical expenses for dental treatment
  • Coverage of financial loss for trip cancellation
  • Coverage for treating pre-existing diseases
  • Coverage for obtaining a duplicate passport
  • Coverage for travel costs due to missed connection
  • Coverage for delay or loss of checked-in baggage
  • Coverage for medical evacuation
  • Coverage for emergency cases occurred due to pre-existing diseases

To Conclude

A travel insurance plan is highly beneficial as it provides a remarkable scope of coverage. As it comes with efficiently low premiums, you should never give it a miss. Thus, ensuring your trip will save you from any unforeseen contingencies so that you don’t cripple yourself financially.

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