Gravity Bong

A brief of the Gravity Bong: Some Words

A gravity bong may seem like a sophisticated scientific apparatus for smoking weed, but a closer look reveals that it’s really quite a crude do-it-yourself bong. When smoke is inhaled using a gravity bong, water and pressure are used to propel the smoke into the user’s lungs. In addition to “GB bong,” “Geeb bong,” “bucket bong,” and “waterfall bong,” there are a few more names for this particular kind of water pipe. It is possible to suck smoke from burning cannabis into a bottle by using a combination of gravity and water in a container to create suction. Although the history of gravity bongs and their inventor is lost to time, they remain a cultural icon and a popular smoking accessory in modern culture. Gravity bongs are often used because of their powerful hits and because they can be made from a wide range of common household items.

If You Use A Gravity Bong

That’s correct; they have a stellar reputation for it. Gravity bongs are often made with significantly larger containers than standard bongs and pipes, sometimes even 2-liter bottles. This is a major distinction between ordinary bongs and gravity bongs. That means they have the capacity to hold far more smoke than regular ones. The water vacuum not only creates larger, more potent doses of cannabis but also affects the speed and intensity with which the smoke enters and fills the lungs. The larger water vacuum surface area is to blame for this phenomenon. Gravity bongs should be reserved for seasoned cannabis consumers only. Most people who have tried one would agree that it’s not for novices. Choosing the gravity bongs at Dopeboo is essential here.

How to Light a Gravity Bong and Use It

Gravity bongs you make at home are just as easy to use as they are to make. An enormous amount of smoke, which may then be condensed, will be sucked in by taking advantage of the vacuum draw generated by the water. When using a gravity bong, after the bowl is full, the user lowers the top of the water bottle or other container into the water until just the bowl is visible above the surface. After lighting up the bowl of a gravity bong, the smoker takes slow, deep draws from the bottle to create the suction needed to pull the most smoke possible from the cannabis.


The smoke will be lost once the bottle is completely removed from the water since the vacuum within the bottle will be ruptured. Choosing the gravity bongs at Dopeboo is essential here. The bottle is instead removed from the water such that just a little portion of it remains below the surface.

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