Weed Smokers

A Beginners’ Guide for Weed Smokers

You are probably looking for the best advice and tips on properly smoking weed and making the most out of that high. This might be true, especially when you are a first-time weed smoker.

Most individuals report that they feel nothing when they smoke cannabis for the first time. That can be because of not finding a perfect smoking method for their first hit or not inhaling the product properly.

However, beginners are the only ones who may benefit from the following tips in this guide – experts can too:

1. Mind about the Setting and Set

Experts stress a lot on the need for setting and set, which are among common concepts in psychedelic use. Ensure you are in conducive or comfortable surroundings with individuals you feel safer with. At times, adverse reactions of people to intoxicating substances are triggered by what is happening to their bodies.

When using cannabis for the first time, hanging out with new people will not be a good time. Stick with individuals you trust and know. Always aim to buy weed online and go to a place that feels comfortable as well as safe. This can be your favorite private beach or living room.

2. Know What to Expect

There’re specific ways to work out how long cannabis will stay in the body system. That is because many features go into this.

In other words, that high feeling can last provided there is THC interaction with your endocannabinoid system. This might be an hour or so, depending on the THC amount, your tolerance, and the smoking method.

3. Hide the Odor with Several Tricks

The smell of cannabis can be notoriously unmistakable and strong. This might be problematic to individuals for different reasons. One of the main reasons is that weed is legal in some states in the US and Canada. Plus, that smell may be a bother to other people and even attract unnecessary attention.

If you prefer storing weed to use for several weeks or months, you might want to consider investing in a good container, like a glass Mason jar. The air-tightness in this container will help maintain your product’s freshness.

Remember to as well isolate the product’s fragrance from the world, which is more vital when transporting or carrying cannabis inside your car. For this, you may use a Tupperware container or a tightly sealed bag.

4. Choose the Right Equipment

Some individuals can swear by vaporizers, which eliminate that intense skunky odor. This makes vaporizers suitable for using weed in public spots and dorm rooms.

But vape high is regarded as shorter-lasting and less intense. Although bongs can be downright and unruly disgusting, small water pipes will achieve the same thing and, at the same time, filter noxious combustion components.

The Bottom Line!

For more than 2.000 years, the man has been smoking cannabis, and thus methods of using weed have solidified and evolved. This makes it more confusing to new weed smokers, as they don’t know where to start. But regardless of whether it is your first or second time, remember that setting and dosage are some of the important things to pay attention to.

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