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7 critical signs that require you to see an emergency dentist

Numerous factors might lead to the neglect of preventative oral health care, including a tight work schedule. This is until a persistent symptom reminds you that it has been a while since your last dental examination. You shouldn’t ignore the cautionary signals below, especially if you are taking care of a long-term illness like diabetes. Here are some crucial indicators that you should visit your dentist right away.


Well, this one should be clear. However, the importance of treating toothaches is worth mentioning again. A cavity, abscess, fractured tooth, damaged filling, or grinding of your teeth are possible reasons for tooth pain and sensitivity. Your Meridian dentist can identify the source of your pain, treat it, and help you prevent more issues.

Bleeding after brushing or dental flossing

Blood in the sink or on your toothbrush signals a severe problem. It may indicate that you are experiencing periodontal disease, often known as gum disease, which is an inflammation of the tissues that support your teeth. Gum problems can result in tooth loss and bone loss surrounding the teeth if left untreated. Discharge in the teeth or gums that are red, swollen, or sensitive are further indicators of dental problems.

Bruises and sores

Common canker sores heal on their own in a week or two. However, treatment is required for other oral lesions. White blisters on the inner cheeks, tongue, tonsils, or roof of the mouth can indicate a fungal infection known as thrush or candidiasis. Thrush is more common in people with diabetes because it feeds on high salivary sugar levels, but it is treatable with medicine.

Loose or shifting teeth

Teeth in adulthood should be strong and long-lasting. Take it seriously if you see any little movement or gaps getting wider. It can indicate a bone loss or infection. Keep an eye out for modifications to the fit of your partial dentures or how your teeth align when you bite. Additionally, seek dental care immediately if you have a severely loose permanent tooth or if someone consciously or unintentionally knocks a tooth out of your mouth.

Shrinking gums

Some gum recession may be a natural aspect of aging. However, recession may also indicate periodontal disease. Recessing gums can unmask teeth’s sensitive roots, which raises the possibility of decay, infection, discomfort, and tooth loss, regardless of the underlying cause. Treatment may even be able to reverse the progression if detected early.

A loose or fallen crown

Another indication that you should visit the dentist immediately is if a crown or filling has fallen or is very loose. Crowns and fillings shield teeth from damage and infection. To protect the tooth, you must replace them when they become loose or disappear.

Persistent headaches

Last but not least, you should not disregard persistent headaches, as they can also be a sign of jaw problems. Treatment is necessary if the headaches appear to be related to the jaw pain.

The take a way

You should never overlook any dental problem, no matter how small. The earlier you get it checked, the better the chances of finding better and permanent treatment.

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