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10 tips to avoid putting on weight without looking like you’re on a diet

You don’t want to go on a drastic diet, but want to lose a few pounds? Here are ten tips to lose weight without looking like it.

1 – opt for fish at the restaurant

Business lunches are piling up and you are on your third duck confit of the week. Systematically choose the lightest dishes on the menu, favoring fish or salads.

2 – A day of detox


To cleanse your body, do one detox day per week. The principle is simple: no alcohol and a healthy diet. You can even go for the mono apple diet.

3 – One hour of sport

Try to get yourself at least one hour of exercise per week. You can go for a run one night or you can get up 10 minutes earlier to do some exercise.

4 – Cycling to work

Unless your workplace is an hour’s drive away, you can ditch the car or public transport and get to the office by bike or on foot.

5 – nibble smart

For the 4 p.m. snack, avoid chocolate bars and madeleines from the cafeteria distributor and prefer tea or fruit.

6 – control of emotions

The stress or anger are emotions that push you to eat. Remember to relax to limit cravings.

7 – run smart errands

It’s childishly simple, but if you don’t buy soda, beers, and candy, you won’t have it in front of the evening movie.

8 – Avoid finishing your drink in the evening

The principle is simple, as soon as your glass is empty in the evening, we come to fill it at lightning speed. Remember to leave a bottom in your glass to limit unwanted extensions.

9 – The staircase instead of the elevator

If you live in the 4 th floor and you work at 6 th , choose the stairs to the stairs. If everything happens on the ground floor in your daily life, go upstairs to see your neighbors upstairs.

10 – take the time to eat

To follow the analysis and decryption wherever you are

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Eating in ten minutes on the corner of a table is a very bad habit. Take at least 30 minutes. Remember to rest your fork regularly and chew well. Plus, your digestion will be better.

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